Monday, December 27, 2010

DO play with your food

IDEA for the day:

This idea is so simple I can't believe it hasn't already been thought of by I Can't Believe It's Not Butter AND Crayola.

What: Crayon shaped butter / margarine / honey / jam sticks

For Who: Kids / mentally disabled people / those who are young at heart / artists

Why: So kids can butter their own toast in different colors. Sure, my parents always told me not to play with my food, but with the overabundance of ADD in kids these days, getting them to eat isn't always so easy.

With Crayon shaped butter sticks, kids can draw on / butter their own toast and just peel the wrapper down when the butter gets low, just like they would a normal crayon. And it doesn't just have to be butter, it can be margarine, jam, honey or what have you, in an easy to use, solidified stick. Mom, please pass the butter crayons!

Cute name for said idea: Draw-garine, Butter Crayons, Kid Sticks, Toast Mates, Breakfast Rods, Color Buddies, and / or what have you.

This is a multi-million idea for sure. Don't forget to cut me in $$$!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome to Idea Ave!

Located just one block west of Invention Alley, just around the corner from Bucks for us Both Blvd, near Thinker Street. Behind the Shop and Shave.

This blog has a very simple concept: I put ideas on it and you take them and turn them into money. I have ideas, you have start up funds. Once the invention takes off, you send me a cut. It's kind of a hippie socialist mentality that goes against all of America's core values. But I believe that behind every dollar is a decent person who wants the best for themselves and their fellow men and women.

So check out the site, take these ideas, make some money, and don't forget to send me a check in the mail. If you make a lot of money, send me a lot. If you make a little money, send me a little. K? Email me at jess delfino at yahoo dot com with any questions.

America speak: The ideas on this website hereby represent an intent to copyright. I have a lawyer and I'm not afraid to use him. Just be a good person and share the profits!

Today's Ideas have been inspired by 3 straight days of rain.

IDEA # 1 for the day:

What: A bicycle seat cover made of rain proof material. Like a shower cap shaped like a bike seat to adjust and fit over any sized bike seat. Like a poncho for your bike seat.

For Who: People who leave their bikes outside most of the time, ie, delivery people, anyone with a tiny city apartment.

Why: Because every time I ride my bike in the rain, I get a wet butt. So I've started bringing plastic bags with me to my bike to wrap around the seat. But that looks really ghetto. So, what if there were a bike seat cover that effortlessly slipped over the seat for use in rain? Then when a rider reaches their destination, they can take it off, shake it out and tuck it back into the small bag on a hook on their keychain. It would cost .5 cents or less to make and could sell for $5 each. Now THAT'S American.

Cute name for said idea: Dr. Dry Bottom's Butt Protector, The Official Rear GearTM, Aunt Sassy's Seat Shield, Soggy Seat No More, etc etc.

IDEA # 2 for the day:

What: An ultra thin and fashionable rain boot that glides over ladies' and gentlemens' valuable shoes and footwear. Like a doggy bag to put over your actual shoe and foot area.

For Who: Any lady or gentlemen who cares about their footwear and wants to easily protect it from the rain.

Why: Because I don't want to have to wear big ugly golashes or rain boots and carry a separate pair of shoes to change into at the business meeting, audition or what have you. I'd prefer to have a simple, light, cute shoe / foot bag, if you will, that I can slip my shoe and foot into, tie the drawstring at the top and be off!

Cute name for said idea: Safe Shooz, Hoof Covers, The Shoe BagTM, Dry Down There, etc, etc.

Check back in again soon and don't forget to follow this blog for more ideas on Idea Ave!

About Jessica Delfino: Jessica is a comedian, satirical musician, writer, craftivist, spelling bee champ, professional witticist and smarty pants and woman about town in NYC. She likes to think about stuff. She went to art school and spends her days trying to make the world a more interesting and ultimately, better place. She wrote this blurb.